A New Home

Posted on Fri Jul 7th, 2017 @ 8:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Sh'rien Kozar & Commander Mackenzie Taylor-Hunter & Master Chief Petty Officer Rebekah Andrews
Edited on on Mon Aug 7th, 2017 @ 12:26am

Mission: Arrivals
Location: Earth Space Dock

Mackenzie had spoke to her husband Mark via subspace. She had been given a new command a Galaxy Class Starship called the USS Courageous NCC 75824. It was stationed at the Earth Space Dock.

Commander Taylor-Hunter walked pass the security guard. smiled and nodded. She walked on the bridge and smiled to herself.

Master Chief Petty Officer Andrews noticed Commander Taylor-Hunter and said. "Good morning Commander. How are you?"

Mac jumped as she had not noticed the young Master Chief. "Good Master Chief. I am fine thank you. How are you doing?."

Rebekah look at the CO "I am well thank you."

- Space Dock 1 -

Sh'rien looked out the window at the immense vessel. She had spent all of her career supervising the building of such vessels but never served on one. She now had no choice as she has been selected to be the Executive Officer of the USS Courageous. He friend and mentor Commander Ioneaus felt she need to experience what Star Fleet was really like and that she had potential as a leader, this led to him nominating her for a command position and here she is.

She picked her duffle off the floor and slung it over her shoulder. Stepping up to the guard she presented her ID card and orders. After a brief scan and confirmation she made her way down the gang-plank into the vessel. At the first panel she activated it and logged herself in and found her assigned quarters.